Business Detail

The brings you a unique opportunity to work in your City and be your own boss.

The is an online classified portal that brings you everything under one roof of, it connects small and medium business within your City and/or locality..

What TN ONLINE offers

  • A very good platform to market our product and services in your City and State.
  • A very attractive commission (60% - 70%) Commission at the end of the listing period.
  • Very slow and steady goals to achieve until the franchise contract period.
  • Field assistance of any kind will be offered initially for few months, if required.
  • The franchise agreement will be initially for 2 years, subject to renewal based on your performance history.
  • An Operating manual will be provided once the agreement is signed and training will be provided either onsite or offsite based on the location
  • Based on your performance and goals achievements, TN ONLINE would share the basic cost like Rent, Internet charges, marketing charges on agreed percentages AFTER 3 to 6 months to the max of Rs. 5,000 to 10,000/-

What TN ONLINE expects?

  • A very good dynamic working environment with computer and marketing skills.
  • Should be willing to invest reasonable capital amount based on the City selected (Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier3), approximately around 1 to 2 Lakhs..
  • Very good team work and should achieve monthly and quarterly goals as set forth by Management team.
  • A nice office setup, with couple of computers and nice infrastructure support.

Disclaimers/Other Rules

  • All rights reserved to We have FULL rights to reject your application without giving nay reason.
  • The does not hold you accountable just because you signed a franchise contract, we know things changes, if for any reason, you want to exit the contract, you are free to do so, without any obligation.
  • None of the franchise are authorized to sign any paper work on behalf of Management Team, for any questions please contact us (provide a link to contact us page).
  • The Management team have right to change the investment capital to any one based on the individual need or performance. Also have FULL rights to change the terms of the contract from time to time, whichever is desired.

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